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Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Sokyo Casino Restaurant

The Sokyo casino restaurant design consists of a dynamic series of dramatic spaces that welcome guests to enjoy an intimate, stimulating and fun dining experience. This unique use of space sparks curiosity and invites guests to relax. Each distinct space blends with the next to create a harmonious environment. From the entrance and bar to the private dining room, guests are offered a seamless experience.

Guests are welcomed to Sokyo by a sleek bar evocative of modern, urban Japan. Secluded seating nooks offer guests a sense of intimacy and comfort. Manga graphics, dramatic lighting and splashes of color enhance the modern ambiance, offering visual appeal and promising a memorable, fun experience.

Moving from the bar to the main dining room brings guests into a complementary space that reinterprets aspects of old Japan from a modern perspective. The main dining area features classic wood tones and sleek, elegant furnishings. Flax colored rope dipped in black ink surrounds the area, creating a pattern that represents Japan’s mountainous landscape. Meticulously placed dramatic lighting recreates the region’s late afternoon appeal. This artistic element immerses guests in an intimate, sensual atmosphere of approachable elegance.

From the main dining area, guests are allowed a glimpse into the secluded sunken dining room. This fleeting glimpse sparks curiosity, promising an exotic space beyond. The transition from the main dining room to the sunken dining room is seamless while allowing guests to experience a sense of escape. Entering this second dining room, guests find themselves enveloped by a cloud of over 2000 individual ropes suspended from the ceiling. This soft, striking element is based on a computer model of an inverted Japanese landscape. The varying lengths of rope create a lush collection of curves that give the space a close, intimate feel. Concrete walls contrast with the natural fibers of the rope, creating a fusion between the natural and the urban in keeping with Sokyo’s theme.

Completing the series of Sokyo’s warm, creative spaces is the elegant private dining room. Sokyo’s signature mixture of modern and traditional elements continues in this exquisite room. Sleek, elegant furnishings in classic tones combine with dramatic contemporary lighting for a striking effect. The ceiling features modern anime art that evokes the spirit of modern Tokyo. This private dining room is an appealing retreat for guests desiring to host a private party.

The unique use of space within the Sokyo casino restaurant design welcomes guests into an atmosphere that provides a memorable, sensual and pleasing dining experience. Sokyo’s stylish, dynamic spaces appeal to guests from around the world, drawing their interest and enticing them to return.


Great Time in London Restaurants

While someone is in London, it can be difficult to know what to do or where to go, as it is an enormous city that can keep anyone busy every day for weeks if not longer, even if a stay in this city does not include special events. One question that Bruno Wang and his wife have already been asked often is where to find great food. Despite the fact that England is not known for its cuisine, the fact of the matter is that this is an unfortunately bad rap. Below are a few recommendations for people looking to enjoy the best that London has to offer for those looking for true splendor.


Roast is a place that offers true British fare, and it’s situated right in the middle of Borough Market. The restaurant offers only locally purchased produce and a generally seasonal menu that mirrors the fine living that families experience in London. Anyone looking for a meal straight from the traditions of England needs to stop here.

J Sheekey

J Sheekey is a go-to destination for those who want to enjoy a nice, romantic and intimate meal, as Bruno and Mrs. Wang do from time to time. This small place is located in Covent Garden and it provides oysters, other forms of seafood and traditional British cuisine with some interesting modern twists. You won’t be disappointed with this location and what it has to offer.

The Ledbury

If you’re looking for a five-star place to really enjoy a dinner full of pomp and splendor, The Ledbury is the place for you. The renowned Australian chef provides the feasts for this Notting Hill pillar, and those who step inside will most certainly realize immediately that they are in for a unique meal. The Ledbury is not afraid to take chances and it comes strong with dishes that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Overall, London is one of the most famous cities in the world for many reasons, and ‘foodies’ understand that London is not fish and chips and nothing else. If you would like to enjoy the same types of meals that Bruno Wang and his wife have been experiencing, take a look at any of the establishments above for truly memorable meals that each offer something memorable.


Top Meals Native Indian Bistro

1. Poultry Tikka Masala – boneless items of chicken, prepared in a tandoor range, after being marinated in spices or herbs and natural. I usually get this additional extra delightful, and its good enough to obvious your nasal area, neck and sight. Eat it with grain, and you will have one of the best meals you’ve ever sampled.

2. Tandoori Poultry – This is chicken that is cooking and flavorful with masala and spices or herbs. When I was little, I known as it the “red chicken”. It gets its unique shade from the turmeric root extract extract that it is prepared with.

3. Shrimp Tikka Masala – same as #1 except its shrimp. This one is excellent for the fish fans. You haven’t resided until you’ve tried shrimp prepared with natural and spices or herbs with a little bit of grain. I suggest getting the extremely delightful edition for this one as well.

4. Poultry Vindaloo – Curried chicken with apples. This one is a delicious cure and is usually reasonably costing most dining places. Preferences excellent, and definitely fills up you up.

5. Poultry Biryani – This is chicken together with fried Basmati Rice. You get the various meats and the grain in one food, and you can modify the spiciness to your preference. Add some chutney for a tangy taste!

6. Meat Curry – Indians curry everything. Meat curry is one of their best projects. The curry is wide and delightful, and the beef is very often awesome and soft. Rice is a certain with this food.

7. Goat Rezala – Goat prepared with an red onion centered marinade. Appears to be delightful, and it is. A lovely and bitter cure.

8. Lamb Rezala – Same as #7 except with lamb. You’ll appreciate the natural, vegetables and raisin taste, and you’ll be satisfied you purchased this one.

9. Lamb Biryani – Fried grain with lamb. Need I say more?

10. Lamb Korma – Lamb stew in a yougrt, nut products and raisin centered marinade. It’ll create you wonder how you resided without it for so long!