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About Mascarpone

Mascarpone should not be confused with cream cheese and both have different taste. Cream cheese is the other soft cheese, but both are different. This type of Italian dessert cheese is often used in savory applications, spread on bread and blended with spices. This rich cheese blends well with savory cheese tortes and is also sometimes added with Gorgonzola and other strong savory cheeses. Mascarpone is very popular cheese in Italy that is used in a variety of food and beverages. It is used a lot in savory dishes and spread on breads. It contains high amount of fats and so is offered to those who need to gain weight. It has to be consumed when it is very young. Besides, it is often compared with yogurt as both the products include similar manufacturing processes.

This high fats cheese is prepared in Italy for centuries and is said to be originated in Lombardy where it gets a premium role in various cuisines. The roots of its name are still unclear, but it could be related to the process that is used to prepare Mascarpone. The process and techniques used in preparing Ricotta is quite similar to Mascarpone. Local people calls Mascarpia as ricotta and it comes under dairy products that are made of whey.

Preparation of Mascarpone

To prepare this cheese, you need to keep milk for around 24 hours in stand, allowing it to turn creamy which is then skimmed off into large double boilers. Heat the mixture to form the required content, thick mixture, later the whey is precipitated out. Mascarpone cheese is then squeezed in cheesecloth and kept for 24 hours in take out the additional whey. Once this process is done, the cheese is then prepared to be sold in the market after getting packed properly. This cheese is well suited to those who are vegetarians as it does not contain rennet in it.

Unlike other cheese types, mascarpone is easily spread over other food items and looks similar to cream cheese. It is very smooth and come in pale cream color. Many producers of mascarpone use summer milk to add sweet and flowery notes for more flavors. In fact, many dairies will feed their cows with high flowers and herbs to produce fresh flavor for cheese. This cheese is very delicious in taste.