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Indian Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian restaurants are mushrooming all across the world. In a country like United States, where the idea of having veg food was almost an alien concept few years ago, today, you will find many swanky vegetarian restaurants in every nook and corner of the vast country. There are many people who have even adopted a vegan lifestyle where they do not consume any dairy product apart from non-vegetarian foodstuff. For many people who are used to having non-veg food, the idea of having vegetarian food on daily basis seems strange or even acceptable.

It is a common perception among people that there are not many options you have when you think of eating vegetarian food. Many people associated a vegetarian diet with a bowl of lentils or lettuce. However, vegetarian food is much more than just a bowl of lettuce. Vegetarian cooking has come a long way and the chefs who specialize in vegetarian preparations have been greatly inspired from cuisines from across the world which they incorporate in their cooking. Of all the cuisines found across the world, Indian vegetarian food deserves a mention. Indian food is revered by not just the local people but also foreigners visiting this vibrant country every year. The primary religion of India is Hinduism which propagates vegetarianism to a great extent though there are some sects that follow a non-veg diet. India is known as a land of spices and is one of the biggest producers of spices and condiments in the world. Thus, Indian cooking is never bland or tasteless. Even if you visit an average home in any small town or village in the country, you will come across some mouth-watering, spicy preparations served for lunch or dinner.

Indian vegetarian food has a wide range of options to choose from. Within the country, there are many local cuisines that are found in different regions. The South Indian and North Indian cuisines are the most popular. Flavor and taste are never compromised upon when it comes to Indian vegetarian cooking. Even if there is no chicken or lamb, you do not have to lose heart as there are some mouth-watering preparations seen in Indian cuisine that are sure to keep you asking for more. The traditional Indian thali is a quintessential example of what an average Indian eats on a daily basis. The thali usually comprises of two or more vegetables, one curry, chapatti, a small bowl of rice, curd, pickle and other appetizers which are optionally added. This dishes included in the thali differ from region to region. A North Indian thali will greatly vary from a Rajasthani thali or even a South Indian thali.

Indian vegetarian food is slowly becoming popular all across the world. Though many Indian dishes are enjoyed by westerners, the Indian thali continues to be the most popular and most commonly eaten dish from India.